Monday, 5 September 2016

Tomb Kings Minis Sorted

It is quite an impressive array, but, unfortunately, I cannot put a single unit on the table from this without doing some work.

Never the less, I am happy with the purchase, as I shall be able to make quite a lot of units for my God of Battles Lords of Undeath army (and, of course, some points for A Fantastic SAGA - whenever I get around to playing it).

LOTS of bits and stuff on sprues!

The boxes were part of the deal, and I am quite pleased with the extra storage opportunity while I wait for my wife bringing hope some print paper boxes from work.
I tried sorting the models based on weapons. That method indicates that I could make a lot of Skeleton Warrior units, but what I really need for my army is some Skeleton Horde 16-model blocks, so I shall try to construct some of those, keeping the option open for transforming them to Skeleton Warriors.

Yes, I now own a LOT of Undead Chariots. I consider making Light Undead Chariots a Main Force choice, as these are considerably less bulky than my classic plastic chariots.

Opened, but otherwise NIB

Some of these had been assembled, but otherwise untouched


  1. That's a lot of stuff to paint. You're going to be busy for a while yet, I think!

    1. Oh, yes, but it will be done in stages, little by little. I only need to make a couple of 16 skeleton blocks to take my GoB Lords of Undeath to the next level of game size, and plain skeletons are really fast to paint.