Thursday, 8 September 2016

One Ton Cobblestones, Two Tons Cobblestones...

A couple of days ago, I got another ton of small cobblestones delivered.

This time, the driver placed the maxi-bag on the road just in front of our main entrance, and I thought it wisely to get it out of the way, and thus, I simply spread the cobbles along the lawn edge in question.

The task took about an hour, and after that I continued preparing the trench for the stone edge,

When the string had been extended, it was clear that I would have to slightly move some of the completed edge in the corner (I should not have laid it down before the large bush had been cleared away), and I went about doing that right away, cutting away a thin strip of turf aligned with the string. I now can see an end to stage three of this project; I only have to finish the trench, fill it with tile sand, and lay down the cobbles.

Stage four will be digging in the concrete tiles along the opposite side of the lawn, and I expect that to be the last stage completed before autumn sets in, and the weather making it less attractive working outside.

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