Monday, 30 April 2018

Lots of Table Dressing WIP

Terrain base #3 is all but ready, the excess static grass just needs to be shaken off when the glue has dried up properly.

Terrain base #4 is covered in sand, and tomorrow I should be able to seal the surface with dilluted PVA.

I cut out terrain base #5, and partly covered it in sand today.

As I now have the terrain mat and the GW hill to get ready for the weekend, I do not think I shall get more of these done this week, but they should be ready for Friday evening, when Kevin is going to command one of my armies (and Saturday, when Ulolkish and I are going to play a co-op game of SS&SS, and Sunday, when I shall bring an army and some terrain for a game against the Austrians of General Friis.

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