Monday, 23 April 2018

1:72 Napoleonics - My French

With Black Powder added to my rules collection, I thought it was about time that I dusted off my 1:72 plastic Napoleonic armies.

Back in the seventies, with wargames not nearly as readily available as they are now, I wrote a set of rules for playing with some of my friends, using quite large(ish) battalions of about 20-25 miniatures.

Later, I adopted Warmaster for playng this era, and we started out with units of 12 models, but later reduced the battalions/cavalry regiments to eight soldiers.

I think we can easily adapt those small battalions for Black Powder, counting the shown formations as 'Attack Columns', and forming a single rank for 'Lines' (and two files for 'March Columns').

Eight models is the minimum required for forming a 'Square', so that should work fine. Of course, we can later enlarge infantry unit size by doubling the models, or even more - but we shall have to see about that.

I know Michael has a sizeable Austrian force, and I have  nicely sized French army (although some of the paintjobs are WIP, as it shows in the photos).

French Line and Light Infantry. I shall have to pull out some red and blue, at least.

Fench Line and Old Guard Infantry.
Again, some units are not quite finished...

French Dragoon Regiment, some Line Chasseurs in early (Hussar-style) uniforms,
and a single Italian Infantry Regiment

French Cuirassiers, the Chevaux-Légers de Berg (too many models - I painted them back in the 'big unit' days,
and the Lanciers Hollandais of the Guard

Some Artillery and Staff
I intend to invite Kevin for a scrap, and see if I can get him interested in this scale for Black Powder (honestly, I don't feel like painting an entire Nappie army in 28mm).

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