Tuesday, 6 December 2016

LAF BoB Painting Club: The Dragon Lady

I almost forgot to post this. I finally finished it over six or seven 10-15 minutes sessions yesterday and today (I started her more than a month ago, but she was paused because of my Horisont Blood Eagle project, and I did not get back to her properly, first because of a bit of painting fatigue, and then because of the trouble at work).

She is done now, though, and I can turn my attention elsewhere.

Madame Sung, proprietor of a fine ladies' establishment, and rumoured to have close ties to the Jade Dragon Tong.

I probably need to either build or buy some building complex to house her business...


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    1. Thank you! Bob Murch's sculpts are a joy to paint - no fiddly unnecessary details, just lots of character and well-defined features!