Saturday, 17 December 2016

GoB: Lizardmen Temple Guards / Blood Gorged Brute Watchers Rebased

Finally got the rebasing job finished on these. As you can see, being part of a second hand lot has not been kind to the paint - but they still look well enough om the table to be fielded (and with the new washer bases, I do not need to wrap them in soft tissue for storage, anymore).

As with the Skink Shaman, I am not going to decorate the bases further - finished to this stage, bases look absolutely fine on the table, and if I should decide to strip and repaint any or all of these, the bases will have to be redone, anyway.

I need to finish painting the new base on a Mummy, then I can go back to Santa's assistant and slap some more paint on her, just in time for Christmas!

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