Saturday, 17 December 2016

Hampton Rebased

Another Chaos in Cairo mini painted a long time ago has now gotten a shiny new base.

He is not currently starring in other projects than The Secrets of the Hidden Temple (he met an untimely demise as part of my Strange Aeons Treshold team), but I shall soon find other purposes for him.

It just struck me that I can easily shoehorn some of my Pulp minis into Congo, which means that I am already on the path to having a White Man's Expedition, as well as I have started on my Jungle Tribes, for which I intend to use most of the Zulu warriors I paint for In Her Majesty's Name.

As I have mentioned on (undoubtedly uncountable) earlier occations multi-purposing is the Code I work by in this hobby, and now I begin to feel the effect of de facto working on several projects in one go!

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