Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Fine Young Cannibals!

The next part of the North Star order I received yesterday is primarily destined to become part of my slowly evolving Congo project, but will also see action as part of, for instance, Pulp Alley Cannibal leagues to make life miserable for leagues of intrepid explorers.

I went for the 'Extreme Cannibals', as they are very cliché and fitting for use in Pulp games, too (and will probably be very fun to paint).

I do not know if they are Mark Copplestone sculpts, the North Star site has no sculptor info I was able to find (so if anyone out there knows, feel free to tell me), but I suspect they are not, as I think they lack the typical Copplestone features.

These Cannibals come without spears, so I ordered a pack of 50 mm wire spears, too, which sould last med a long time (I could have cut down some of the 100 mm wire spears I have, but I got lazy).

When you say 'Cannibals', you have to also mention the fat king/chief of the tribe, and as this pack comes with a crone witch/shaman (H. Rider Haggard reference? - I just learned that he was actually of Danish descent!?), I simply had to get it, too.

I shall probably not paint any of these until long after Christmas, as I have the seasonal minis and another bunch of Zulu warriors to keep me busy for now, but it is my intention to get them painted within an overseeable future. Of course, my Butterfly Syndrome may kick in and make me do something completely different...

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