Thursday, 15 December 2016

DIY Paint Storage

I have been contemplating getting some mdf racks for storing paints, but my current financial situation, after paying a large mechanic bill, means that I have to prioritize the use of my funds,

Thus, I have opted for making another couple of boxes for this purpose out of print paper boxes (that I get for free from my wife's workplace) and rigid cardboard, of which I have an abundance.

Over the last week, I have finished the first insert, and below you can see how it is going to work when placed in a box.

The plan is to make two such boxes, and then, after sorting paints into them, see if I need to make yet another one (which will then have to wait until after Christmas Eve).

This is a very time-consuming solution, but otherwise completely free - and free is always good for the hobbyist!

I hope to finish the second insert over the next couple of days, and then it is time to cut down and glue the boxes...

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