Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Family Crest

We were at a Christmas Concert in the local church yesterday evening (Lea plays trumpet as part of Music Education at school, and participated as part of a large student brass band).

I could not get a good picture of her with my camera, due to bad light, and the band leader/teacher getting in my way - BUT, Lea had noticed the noble family crest associated with our family name decorating part of the church, and I took the opportunity to take a photo of it.

'Argent, Three Crows Sable', as it is described in a document from 'The Historical Research Center', which I brought home from my trip to Scotland in 1995.

No, I do not pretend to be of noble birth, but my family name is associated with an old noble family originating in West Jutland, and it is always fun and interesting to find the traces of it here and there (the cathedral in Roskilde actually houses a funeral chapel of said family). The house next to ours also used to be a 'Hospital' (i.e. poorhouse), established by a Lady-in-Waiting of that noble family, somehow tied to Egeskov Castle.

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