Thursday, 6 October 2022

Warlords of Erehwon Solo Game - Turn 3

In spite of one hail of arrows after the other, the Dead kept coming. A unit of Skeleton Warriors charged the Elven Archers and paid the price as the Elves downed three of their number with their projectiles.

And then, yes, there WAS carnage.

The Sun was really annoying at this point because of the way it shone through our windows and created stark contrasts on the battlefield, but what can you do?

As both units ended up with five Pins, the combat was a draw, and both units had to take a Break Test. The Skeletons didn't break, The Elves did, taking another five pins and they ran from the battlefield (auto-destroyed because of the number of pins).

On the Elven left, the Cavalry fired at the approaching Zombies and took out a single shambler.

And were then charged by some Skeletons.

Of course, they loosed a volley of arrows into the enemy, but the Skeletons answered with spears (yes, I counted the scythes as spears for this game).

Again, the combat ended with a draw (quite annoying, actually).

Because of their Haughty Disdain, the Elves automatically passed this, their first, Break Test. I marked them with a blue gem to remember that they used the ability. The Dead also just passed their test.

Both units had to Consolidate, so I rolled a die for both to determine which one to move first. 

As it were, the Elves had to move first and sped across the battlefield.

I'm not sure what this pic is about ...

... but here some Zombies came running and passed their Agility Test, so they did not suffer a Pin.

The Elven Warriors did not take the retreat of the Cavalry lightly, and they decided to avenge their brethren. The spears of the Undead claimed some lives, though.

But, never underestimate a pointy-eared angry fellow with a sword. The fight left bones scattered all over the place.

In the center, the Skeleton Riders charged the Elven Guard - an another one bit the dust, as the Guard promtly fired their Longbows.

And even with the hefty SV3 of Lances charging, the Spangly Armour of the Elves protected them from any harm, while another Rider hit the ground. The Undead lost the fight, passed their Break Test, but then had to Consolidate/fall back.

The Undead Warlord (Wraith) again cast his Chill Wind, this time killing three Elven Warriors. Losing more than half their number to a ranged attack, they had to take a Break Test - and failed. Luckily for them, they only suffered one additional Pin - but they were too close to the entrance to the pass, and fled the battlefield.

The Elven Hero charged a small mob of Zombies. Neither side landed any hits!

I think I forgot to take a picture, here, but as far as I remember, the Zombies lost the fight because they already had a Pin, then failed their Break Test and suffered sufficient Pins to be destroyed.

On the other flank, a Zombie mob failed their Order Test to Run, but Zombies do not go Down when failing, instead they Advance (they are slow but relentless).

The Elven Cavalry on the right flank was ordered to fire at the enemy, but they Failed their Order Test and went Down.

The Elven Guard fired at the SKeleton Riders but failed to do any harm (other than the standard single Pin).

Then, the Elven Knights charged in!

The Undead passed their Break Test, and then had to Consolidate/fall back.

The Elven Lord spurred his horse into action, followed closely by his retinue of Bodyguards ...

... and quickly dispatched the Zombies.

Thus endeth the third turn. The fighting has intensified, and nothing is yet decided.

Recovery Test for the 'Down' unit. Passed.

Thoughts so far:

I like it. The exchange of missiles and the constand attacks and counter-attacks makes for a very dynamic game. Combined with the flexiible warband.building, I may prefer this over God of Battles, which has somewhat stiffer army lists.

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