Wednesday, 5 October 2022

Warlords of Erehwon Solo Game - Turn 2

The next phase started with the left mob of Zombies rallying and shedding the Pins they suffered in the first turn. When rallying, a unit ignores any Pins, and with a Command of 5, they just made it.

The Elven Archers opened up once more, this time targeting a Skeleton Warrior unit no longer covered by the decimated Zombie screen.

The Zombies on the right wing were eager to feast on the juicy horses of the Elven Cavalry, to an extent where they hurt themselves shambling forward on the double.

Full of contempt, the Cavalry fired their bows at the closing corpses. I think I made some kind of blunder, here; as far as I can see only one casualty should have been afflicted ... Oh, well, it's only Zombies. 😉 My head was working overtime, because I still had to look up stuff in the rulebook a lot, so mistakes were made, but as I played the game to learn the ropes, it doesn't really matter.

The Elven Guard fired at the recently rallied Zombie mob, and they downed another couple of corpses.

A Skeleton Warrior unit failed to comply when ordered forward (I probably dforgot to use the Command of the Wraith, but, again, live and learn).

A decimated Zombie mob also failed its Order Test (Zombies can only benefit from the Command of a Zombie Master), but being mindless Zombies, they did not go Down, but Advanced instead.

Some Skeleton Warriors with Spears charged the Elven right wing ...

... and both sides exchanged missiles (Bows/Longbows can be used for this if the wielders are not moving).

And then the slaughter commenced. The fight was a draw, and the Elves, having Haughty Disdain' automatically passed their Command Test, while the Skeletons had to roll the die - and failed. One more Pin would have meant their destruction!

Both units consolidated. I am not sure that I fully understand the Consolidate rule, but I am working on some house interpretations in the back of my head.

The Undead Warlord cast his Chill Wind at the Elven Archers, and one Elf succumbed to frostbite.

The Elven Cavalry, after shaking off the disgrace of being forced back by a bunch of bones, decided to come back with a vengeance. This time they were prepared for the hail of Spears, and every hit was warded off.

The undead lost the fight, and subsequently they broke and were destroyed.

The destruction of the Warriors opened a path for the Skeleton Riders, who promptly struck at the Elves.

The Elves used their Longbows, but failed to inflict any damage,

On impact, two Elves were skewered on the Lances of the Dead.

The Elves kept their resolve in spite of being heavily outnumbered.

The Undead had suffered heavy losses - but would it be enough to keep them from overwhelming the defenders of Desolation Pass?

So far, I like this game! Turn 3 will see a lot more acxtion as the shambling horde closes in.

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