Saturday, 15 June 2019

2017-07-05, Vacation 2017, Day 1½: Sleeping near Höör, and the Road to Vimmerby

Because we spent a lot of money on getting the family land speeder's transmission box fixed, we decided that our 2017 summer vacation had to be shorter and cheaper than usual.

Thus we settled for about a week in Sweden, and as we had always wanted to visit Astrid Lindgren country (Småland), it was no big deal deciding on the destination.

just before crossing the Øresund Bridge, we had supper on a Monarch diner, and we shall never do that again; it took ages for them to prepare our (fast) food, and, frankly, it did not taste very good. Lesson learned.

Our first night in Sweden we slept on a large parking lot at a diner outside Höör. We had followed E22 until right after Hurva, where we took road 23 in the direction of Höör and Hassleholm, and quite late in the evening we found that large parking space and settled for the night.

Brushing teeth

Wr had some breakfast rolls at the diner  (which was held in 1950's style), and then continued our journey north.

We had lunch at a lake (this part of Sweden is full of them), and the girls quickly discovedred som quite tame ducks.

Most of the afternoon we drove north towards Vimmerby, but after settling in at the camping site, we had time for a little sight-seeing, which I shall write about in the next post about this vacation.

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