Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Some Loot from North Star Military Figures

This time it took 13 days for a parcel to reach my secret lab from Lenton, UK - seems that delivery times go up by a couple of days for each successive order 😆

I have been stockpiling rulesets lately, mainly because I need some small games to motivate me for painting a few minis here and there, and partly because the summer holidays is a great time for reading, as when sitting in front of the camping trailer somewhere in central France, I cannot rush off to search through some obscure box for some long forgotten mini I suddenly see a use for.

I have been wantint to get those (Frostgrave) Rangifers ever since they were released (I have a lot of ideas how to put them to use), and I took the opportunity to order them along with Thud & Blunder.

As soon as I have painted a Mines of Moria plastic Gandalf and a metal Moria Goblin Shaman, I shall assemble and paint the Rangifer Shaman (you can never have too many Magic-Users for small-scale skirmish gaming 😈), but I need a Wizard for my Gondor SAGA AoM warband (and also for Age of Fantasy Skirmish, for all that matters), and the Goblin Shaman is also sorely needed for both games.

All in all, I am pretty content with today, as I have both printed a lot, finished some re-basing (later post), blogged quite a bit, and received this little lot (and it is even hot and sunny outside!).


  1. Damn... another interesting rule set!

    1. It is (not surprisingly) built on the IHMN-engine, but it seems to contain a lot of scenarios and material for campaign-play. I hope to find time to browse over it this weekend, to get an idea of what and how many minis I need to commandeer for this purpose.