Thursday, 8 December 2022

Christmas Wars: Bad Moon Risin'

Today has been Crazy! This morning, after the first night with some notable frost degrees, we found that we had no warm water, and the radiators were cold in all of the ground floor (the top floor, oddly enough, still had some heating).

Anna almost suffered a nervous breakdown, as instead to taking a shower and washing her hair last evening, she had postponed it untill today, so we had to boil water and mix it with cold tap water in the bathroom sink, and the wifey helped her.

I had to drop off the Land Speeder at the garage for changing tires (and the rear windshield wiper), but as soon as I returned home, I called the plumber (as the pipe from the community heating plant leading into the basemant was hot, the problem had to lay somewhere inside our home).

Thankfully, the plumber could come right away (their smithy/workshop is just down the street), and an hour later or so, the radiators slowly began to warm up again. It seems that some kind of dirt filter was clogged, and now we should be marked safe from cold mornings for a while.

Then, after picking up the Land Speeder, I went to Ringe to work out at the Fitness Center/gym and pick up the girls from grammar school afterwards (15:15). Lea had to be at work at 15:30, and Anna took her time to appear, so I had to leave her behind at first to get Lea to work on time. I could not get Lea to call Anna right away to reassure her I'd be back for her (she was changing shirt for work), so Anna kind of panicked and thought I'd abandoned her. Which didn't make my day any better.

All in all, today was pretty shitty, and I did not have the mojo to do much hobby stuff in between.

But, I got the Christmas Display updated, and the story can unfold ...

Miss Puddingsixpence seems to have some problems harnessing the Power of Light here  under the Full Moon. Meanwhile, another Snow Goon has emerged from the Darkness on the Edge of Town.

Whose bidding are the foul constructs doing? And what is their purpose?

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