Monday, 5 October 2015


I have not been on here much, lartely, I know. After returning from our vacation in Italy I had a hard time getting used to working night shifts once more, especially beaceuse it was still summer, and sleeping during daytime was difficult due to much sunlight and relatively high temperatures.

Also, I was heavily disapppointed by Frostgrave, which, combined with a certain weariness of painting skeletons, left me mojo-less for some time.

During this lull in motivation, I have been cleaning up the Westwind Brotherhood models I ordered for use in Frostgrave, and also some of the animated Scarecrows I intended to use as constructs, and I have been prepping 15mm washers for basing my JTT corn/maize stalks.

All the while I was reading a lot of threads on the LAF, and notably this one caught my attention:

I dug out an old free copy of THW's 6 Gun Sound that I have had on my harddrive for ages, and started reading.

I liked what I read, so went on to browsing the THW site to find an updated version of the rules, but, alas, they had been taken down for an overhaul.

Instead, I found High Moon: Dead Reckoning:

I read some additional posts on Legionnaire's Twilight Trail thread, and finally bit the bullet and bought the pdf-version of the High Moon rules. And never looked back!

Stay tuned for more about my new-found love for the Reaction System (oh, yes, there WILL be blood...!)

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