Friday, 31 May 2019

One Page Rules: Grimdark Firefight Patrol WIP

Face the wrath of the Angels of Death, if you dare!

I have dug out and dusted off some RT01 plastic beakies (Corvus Armour) Space Marines for playing One Page Rules Grimdark Firefight.

I started painting, and based these, many years ago, but Warhammer 40.000 never really got to me as a game, although I have always loved the setting. Now, however, I think that I may actually get a few models finished (I also rebase them on washers instead of the slotta-plinths).

When looking at this picture, I realized that the Devastator Marine had slipped backwards on his base when I positioned him for the photo, so I just rectified that.

When these are ready (150 points) it is time for 200 points worth of Genestealers - I think I have also finally decided on a paint scheme for my 'stealers/Tyranids; the one I started using about 10 years ago never really grew on me, but now I have a fairly good idea about a quick-paint method that should both look good, and allow me to get some finished models on the table in a relatively short time.

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