Thursday, 22 March 2018

Broken Legions: Planning a Warband

Following up on having started to prep some Hoplites yesterday, I have taken a closer look at the Broken Legions rules, and I have decided to compose my initial 150 pts warband as follows:

Argonaut Captain: 32 pts
Heraclean Champion w/Shield: 26 pts
2 Argonauts, 10 pts. each: 20 pts
3 Argonauts w/spears, 12 pts. each: 36 pts
5 Mercenary Hoplites, 7 pts each: 35 pts

A grand total of 149 pts and a mere 12 models, of which I have prepped and based half the bodies already, so I expect to have them all ready for primer the week after Easter (I am working Wen-Sun next week, and the kids are home all week, so meager progress is to be expected).

I think I am going to prime them white, as it will facilitate painting all that bronze armour (gold/bronze paints in my experience have trouble covering dark undercoats, which means I shall have to prime them separately from the nappie riflemen I am also prepping at the moment, as I think black primer is the way to go with those.

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