Sunday, 28 December 2014

GW Paintpots... why, GW, WHY??!

Couple of weeks ago I needed some black paint.

Only hobby paint readily available anywhere near me is GW, so I bought a pot of Abbadon Black.

The first couple of times I used it, I had much trouble making the lid stay open, and after a while I simply could not get it to do so - thus I had to resort to my old method of placing a matchstick under the 'tongue' protruding from the back end of the lid.

It seems that GW (or the manufacturer of GW's paints) has changed the design of the lid once again for the latest incarnation of their paint range - this time for the worse.

The tab that is supposed to snap in place 'gripping' the lid and hold it open is too soft, and simply bends backwards/to the side when the lid is opened.

I may be able to push it into the right position, holding it back with a finger while opening the pot, but as you can see, paint seeps out aroung the tab, and it might get a little messy.

To the left you can see the difference between the newest and the last versions of the lids.

I really don't understand why a company that keeps boasting about their 'high quality products' does stupid things like this time and time again.

I shall stay away from their paints as much as possible, as long as that stupid design is around, that is for sure.


  1. I moved away from GW paints when they completely wiped their inventory and went with their 'new' paint range a couple of years ago - stranding me in the middle of several products with the promise that these next paints would look the same. But they didn't so I went with "Vallejo". The only thing I like now is their inks, which I still find the best. But as you say their paint pots are dire!! GW is far from high quality at all these days - except pricing maybe!!

    1. I primarily use Foundry (love their triads) Vallejo, and some Coat d'Arms paints - slowly using up my stock of old Citadel and Warzone paints (I still have Citadel pots from over 20 years ago, still going strong).
      Everytime I need re-stocking of a colour hitherto supplied by GW, I seek out the corresponding Vallejo paint instead.
      I absolutely LOATHE the dripper bottles, but I use empty pots supplied by Black Hat Miniatures (Coat d'Arms - I even get replacement lids for old broken ones, they fit on Original Citadel, Foundry, and, of course, Coat d'Arms bottles) to thin, mix, and store the paints in.