Thursday, 11 December 2014

DreadBall Team Postponed... Again...

Yesterday, I was gritting my teeth a lot over a couple of male Corporation DreadBall players.

I have decided that my life is too short for painting layers on those, and I'll go for 1 layer + wash, and a few painted on details, but the minis simply do not talk to me, and are WAY too fiddly for me (fiddly in a bad way, as opposed to, for instance, LotR Moria Goblins), and I have to get them done fairly quick if I am ever to field a painted team.

The 3 minis I have been experimenting on will go into the soap jar to get paint-stripped, and the rest of the team will get an extra layer of spray primer, white this time (scheduled for about now, as soon as I finish writing this lament). I may dig out some fresh minis to replace the 3 paint-stripping ones, as the team was prepped before I had the leather brushes to help cleaning the mold-lines.


  1. If it's any consolation, you're not the only person to find it difficult to paint the male Corporation players. They are indeed very fiddly, with far to many little armour plates and other awkward details, I think!

    1. Yes, indeed! Wash and drybrush must be the way to go, especially as they are in fact just boardgame playing pieces that may get handled by a lot of different people not necessarily used to handling painted minis.
      I think I'll be giving them a good coat of varnish, too, as I really don't want to paint them more than once...