Saturday, 28 July 2018

Outremer: Faith and Blood Arrived!

This also arrived while I was on vacation.

I am really looking forward to reading these rules, as they have character level development, just like traditional RPGs - but first I shall have to read Chosen Men to get some motivation for painting my... Chosen Men (Sharpe's Rifles).


  1. Hello mate;

    I’m the author of Outremer: Faith and Blood so I’ll be keen to see how you find the game! I hope you enjoy it!



    1. I shall, of course, post everything related to the OFaB rules here, on various FB pages, and on the LAF!
      I can tell you already, though, that the small initial model count, and character development, are (is?) right up my alley! I think I shall be ablr to get even my most incarnated fantasy-fan-gaming-buddy to play, especially if I paint both sides!