Monday, 2 December 2013

Horisont V: Impressions, Part 3

Well. nothing much to add, text-wise, but I still have some pics to share:

First. some pics of the SAGA board and a game in progress (Vikings vs Normans):

I got a full set of SAGA rules at a 25% con discount, and my 5 sets of dice should arrive this week!

Some 40K variant played with LEGO lookalikes:

A game of Super System in progress:

Don Ø. staged a series of Star Trek: Attack Wing demo games. He was also bringing some stuff for his friend at, and I ended up buying 2 starter sets + 8 additional ships, also at a heavy discount...
Preparation is half the name of success

In this game I (U.S.S Enterprise D) could have snatched victory, had I just remembered the Auxiliary Power rule...

The shop of Wolf Terrain
A couple of shots of a WWII game about parachutes and the Normandy (I have forgotten what rules were used):

Some X-Wing stuff (not mine..)

A game in progress on the board I brought.

And, lastly, a pic of a game of Zombiecide in progress.

That's all from this year's participation at Horisont.

I have a big bunch of pics from Horisont II that I need to get sorted out, and I should also have pics from the first BLAM, somewhere.

Expect to see more in the near future!

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