Friday, 21 June 2013

DreadBall: Forge Fathers vs Humans Test 1

Finished the first run using my new tactical doctrine for the FF today. To a certain extent, the FF succeeded, forcing a human Striker to fail an Evade on Rush 01, and actually being able to score a 2 point Strike before the humans succeded in scoring.

It was quickly followed by a 4-pointer by the humans, but the FF got in the lead Again by also scoring a 4-pointer.

The humans then again scored a 4-pointer, but the FF managed to equalize in Rush 14, bringing the game into Sudden Death. As the humans had 1 Striker dead, and 2 others injured at this point, ithe odds seemed in the favour of the FF. Unfortunately, in Rush 01 of the overtime, a single human Jack showed the value of having relatively anonymous players able to handle the ball, and by help of an action Card and a single Coaching Dice, he scored 1 point, leading to a win by +1.

I kind of consider a game where the FF comes out with a positive net revenue as a win; The would have earned the Man of the Match, + several XP for scoring and injuring players, didn't lose a single player, and earned 1d6 mc. Not too scrappy for the equivalent of a starting team.

I'll play another game against the hmans, this time letting the FF start as the Home Team, to see if I can refine their game, and maybe get them a Victory for a change.

They key to beating human teams lies in injuring their Strikers as early on, and as hard as possible; they are capable of a combined throwing and running game that is very hard to stop, so if you can't bring them Down, at least put as many Treat Zones on them as possible, to, hopefully, make one or more botch an Evade attempt, which can mess up their game a whole lot.

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