Tuesday 24 April 2018

Star Wars X-Wing: Phantom II

A week and a half ago, I went to Odense to get some spray primer - and I stumbled on this little beauty in Dragons Lair.

The weeks around Christmas, our TV-provider gave access to the Disney channels, and Disney XD showed most of Rebels seasons 1-3.

The kids and I watched all we could get recorded, and the girls seemed quite fond of the series.

Of course, now I want Phantom I, and Ghost, as the shuttles can actually dock at the 'mothership' in game terms, and I shall keep an eye out for the Star Wars Legion to include the Spectres, which would mean that I shall have to expand my FFG collection somewhat ­čśĆ

Among others, Phantom II comes with Ezra and Zeb as Pilot Cards, and Chopper as Astromech Upgrade, which is nice, although I did hope that Hera and Sabine were includes as well.

Not this time, though, we shall have to make good with what we have.

I expect to try Phantom II against a TIE or two very soon, just need to find the time (at a time when Lea is at home and not too occupied with something else).


  1. Great looking purchase from a great show!

    Sabine has her own TIE fighter (repaint), and Hera comes with the Ghost, as you might expect. Since she spends a lot of time in A-wings, and later in an X-wing, you might expect her to show up there later, but who can divine the mind of FFG?

    1. Haha, no, they don't always do the logical thing, do they?
      The Ghost, and Phantom are definitely on the to-get list, I could just wish that the large models weren't quite so expensive. Well. Maybe one of them in June, and another in July (X-Wing is a sideshow for me, I pull it out every now and then for a quick game, but am not into tournaments and competitive play at all).