Sunday 22 April 2018

Sellswords and Spellslingers: First Solo Game, Turn 13, 14, and 15 (The End)


Rhagador triggered a single Event, which activated the 'original' Troll, and the Monster blundered further to the North.

Rhagador then hurried towards the table edge, weary of fighting the Orcs, and hoping to avoid further combat.

Shaggram got three full Actions, and he ran off the table.

I forgot that his Speed was reduced by one, and he should stopped two inches from the edge - but in retrospect I think it just evened out the couple of times I played an extra Event Card by mistake.

I only became aware of that error after finishing the game, so I just had to let it stand.

It was now time for


Alone in the Badlands, Rhagador wanted to make his way to safer grounds as quickly as possible - but he must have upset some higher powers, and triggered two Events.

The first was Mana Flux, which would have no effect on the game with no spellcasters present, so I simply ignored it. The second activated the Troll, which now, all of a sudden, seemed to have noticed our lone adventurer...

Of course, Rhagador then hurried towards the table edge - fighting a big bad, regenerating Troll all on his own was definitely NOT on his bucket list right now!

This brings us to


Rhagador missed one of his Activation Dice, but as he also rolled a '20', he opted to cancel the Event, and two actions were enough for him to exit the table.


The objective, moving from one side of the table and off the opposite, was met, and the party gained 4 XP.

No individual XP were gained, as no Wandering Monsters were slain in hand-to-hand combat.

Rhagador collected a meager 14 XP, and two Cheap Swords which he may sell off for some additional coin.

How the XP are divided, and what the party members did after the scenario, I shall muse about in a separate post.

Lessons learned:

  1. Characters probably need a more aggressive stance to be able to collect more Treasure during a scenario.
  2. In retrospect, Argesïl would have been better employed collecting Treasure from fallen foes than just crossing the table at full speed.
  3. Fireball is a powerful spell - it lacks the ability of being used to support friends in combat, though, and a spellcaster would probably be well off getting Magic Dart as soon as possible, if not as his first spell (I think, Fireball is probably still the better option for the first Spell, but I can see a lot of use for Magic Dart as well).
  4. There is strength in numbers (d'oh!). A party is probably more efficient with its members in close support (Rhagador would not have been tied up as much with, for instance, Finghal fighting beside him). Next game, I shall try to keep them together - but different levels of success with the Activation Dice may cause some dispersion.
  5. Monster Minions are not all that dangerous - especially if the fighting heroes have Shield and Armour.
I think that is it.

If I find the time tomorrow, I shall work out the 'Between Scenarios' actions of the party members. I have a feeling, much arduous labour will occur...


  1. Wow, that was a great tale! Not to mention, a great tutorial introduction to the game. Thanks very much for this!

    1. Much obliged!
      I like to do such step-by-step reports when trying out a new game that really speaks to me!