Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Sellswords and Spellslingers: Troll Proxy

While searching for my Heki grass (I am making some 'terrain-bases' to break up the surface of my 'dirt' tables), I came across this old Chronopia Devout 'Harbinger' (I have the two swarms of 'Darkwings', too), which I think should make a fine stand-in for a Troll.

I shall be cleaning him up little by little, as a side project, as I should be busy painting the next couple of weeks, hopefully getting Lea's party ready for my weekend off in a bit more than a fourtnight from now.

In the meantime, my parcel from Miniature Giant containing some Reaper Bones stuff, including a couple of Trolls, should also have arrived, so I shall have enough to keep myself entertained for a while...

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