Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Sellswords & Spellslingers: 1st Campaign Activity Period

The SS&SS rules state that each surviving PC may perform ONE of the listed Campaign Activities.

Trading is one of those, so Rhagador will sell the two Cheap Swords he collected from a couple of dead Orcs.

Now, in the Weapons section, under Weapons Found on Monsters, it is stated that weapons can be sold at half the listed price, and cheap weapons at a quarter of the listed price.

BUT, the Campaign Activity 'Trading' states that the PC may automatically sell loot at the listed price, and may try to Haggle for a 10% increase in price.


I think that 'Trading' and 'Weapons Found on Monsters' contradict each other.

Because of that, and as weapons are not all that expensive, I shall rule that on a successful Haggle roll (DL13, adjusted by Charisma and Merchant), the PC is able to sell a weapon at full price (half price for cheap weapons). It may make it worthwhile to pick up stuff on the battlefield.

Rhagador rolls exactly 13 (yay!), and sells the two cheap swords for 5 SP each, bringing the contents of his purse up to a whoopin' 24 SP!

As the other three characters have nothing to sell, and cannot afford Gambling or other frivolous acts, Shaggram and Finghal both Enlist in the City Militia for a salary of 6 SP per Campaign Activity Period for each.

Argesïl, the Rogue, decides to put his skills in Pickpocketing to use. Pickpocket is a DL13, adjusted by Pickpockets (1), so Argesïl has to roll 12+ to succeed.

Alas, the result is '11', and has to live off the charity of his companions (whom he left hurriedly in the Badlands...)

So much for the Campaign Activities.

Under the paragraph Gaining Treasure it is suggested that treasure is divided evenly among a party, but I think I shall reserve that method for gained awards (for tasks well done), and larger hoards found or won by clearing out a Monster Lair. I like the storytelling motivation of small tension between the characters because of bad luck for some.

Through the Badlands gives 4 xp.
I could give one point to each member of the party, but given the way the scenario played out, I think it is most fair to give Shaggram and Rhagador 2 xp each. They did all the fighting and took all the risk, so that is how it is going to be! In future scenarios I shall strive to put all party members to good use - I was off to a somewhat nervous start, as I was uncertain as to how dangerous the Monsters are in this game.

Cost of Living
There are no rules regarding the costs of basic living, but I shall assume that to stay healthy and regain their strength, all characters need housing and sustenance between scenarios equaling the value of 1 SP per capita. Some Campaign Activities intrinsically provide the necessary means, others do not. I shall rule, that unless a character is either provided for, or him/herself pays 1 SP in living expenses, that character cannot heal battle damage between scenarios, and will loose 1 HP before the next scenario (in addition to any lost in the previous one).

Argesïl has no means to pay for himself, but of course the party's Cleric sees it as his duty to pay out of charity. For now. That Rogue might come in handy, if properly trained, after all...

Rhagador also has to pay for himself, ending up with 22 SP.

Shaggram and Finghal both are provided for by the City Militia while employed, so they end the CAP with 6 SP each.

With all this wrapped up, I shall now update character sheets in preparation for the next game (which I shall probably not get around to before next week, at the earliest).

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