Thursday, 19 April 2018

Sellswords and Spellslingers: First Solo Game, Turn 10

Rhagador started out with a double blunder, and the first sent on another Troll (Wild Man of Dunland as stand-in this time).

The 'Troll' did not seem to have any interest in eating our heroes, and wandered towards the South table edge.

The other Event activated the lone Orc Warrior still keeping Rhagador busy (if no Horde is present, always activate Minion, first, when drawing this card.

The Orc almost landed a blow, but Rhagador's shield again saved the day!

Time had come to swing back at the Orc, and this time the Righteous Wrath of God found its mark.

Shaggram faired a tad better, but still managed to draw the attention of a rummaging band of Orc Warriors coming from the South.

Apparent thinking that burning a Troll to death would make a good tale to tell if he should reach an inn that night, the Wizard cast a Fireball at the oblivious creature - but again without harming it!

He used his other action moving towards the exit point of Finghal and Argesïl.

Another turn finished, and nothing at present standing between the heroes and a safe escape. Things looked bright. Maybe too bright?

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