Friday, 13 April 2018

Sellswords and Spellslingers: First Solo Game, Turn 3

With no enemies close by, Rhagador did not mind risking an Event or two, so went for 3 Activation Dice.

As it turned out, all three resulted in successes, and Rhagador set about mending Shaggram's foot.

A Healing Roll takes two Actions, is against DL 10 + HP Lost, at +1 for each Lvl of Healer, which is roll of +1 vs DL 11, needing a 10 to succeed. With a roll of 11, Shaggram regains one HP, and cannot be Healed by the Healer Trait again this game.

With a job well done, Rhagador the Righteous used his remaining action to run in the direction he saw the rest of the party disappear, hoping to catch up with Argesïl and Finghal.

Now, as long as that Troll would keep wheeling about without any real sense of purpose, the party might be able to get to the opposite side of the table relatively unscathed!

Shaggram felt a bit lonely and decided to hurry things up a bit; three Actions should do the trick.

Targeting  the two Orc Brute to the North, previously scorched by a Fireball, the Wizard invoked another, hoping to again catch him with a  blast.

With an '11', the red hot sphere burst forth from Shaggram's hands and exploded around the unfortunate Orc, and with an '18' the creature was burned beyond recognition.

Hoping to wither down the closest of the two Brutes approaching from the West, Shaggram prepared another Fireball, but he obviously ran short of Mana, this time.

Then, he followed Rhagador, deciding that there is strength in numbers.

Argesïl also rolls three successful Activation Dice, and again dashes for the far side of the table.

Finghal, feeling left a bit behind, wanted to keep up with the Rogue, but the Dice Gods wanted it differently.

Two Events triggered, and as the Troll in the center of the area was the Monster closest to Finghal, it moved twice (random direction, as long as no PC is within 4" when activated).

Fortunately, this took the hulking abomination further away from all members of the party, and Finghal could use his only action to move North, trailing well behind Argesïl.

All our heroes had now had their chance to act, and Turn 3 ended.

Would the adventurers keep avoiding the roaming Trolls, or are some of them ending up on the menu?

More thrilling tales of breathtaking perils will follow tomorrow 😉

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