Monday, 20 February 2017

LBMS Transfers - Troubles and Possible Solution

Today, after cutting out a couple of Little Big Men Studios shield transfers, I could not get the protective clear film off the sticky side.

I had pondered about this problem in advance, as I have heard that it sometimes happens over time, and I have previously had a couple of transfers ruined.

I have often experienced that temperature can heavily impact the stickiness of adhesives, and I decided to try out heat to soften the 'glue' on the transfers.

Holding the transfer with a pair of tweezers, I used a hair-dryer to heat it up (for about ½-1 minute), and then it was possible to remove the film and attach the transfer to the shield, as normal!

I successfully applied this method to both the transfers, but I think that it has to be repeated several times to prove effective (I may have been lucky).

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Vacation 2016 - Day 7, Part 9: Empúries Roman City, Part 2.

A bunch of pics from the Forum area.

The way back to the park and museum area.

Vacation 2016 - Day 7, Part 8: Empúries Roman City, Part 1.

As mentioned, the kids are on theor Winter Break from school this week, and I have not been making any hobby progress.

Instead, I am now returning to our vacation last summer for a while, trying to get through the very experience-rich seventh day of our camping trip to Catalonia.

After traversing the park we came up the Roman city on the plateau above the Greek area.

Had they only been functional....

While I was exploring the Cryptoportico and the Forum, the rest of the family sought refuge from the sun in the shadow behind that small building.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Star Wars X-Wing: Small Game

Lea and I started a small game of X-Wing late yesterday afternoon.

I unpacked my Z-95 Headhunter, and matched it up against a TIE. No upgrades, just plain pilot cards.

None of these have much staying power, and the game was merely to brush up on the rules, as it has been far too long, since I last pulled some fighters out.

One of the beauties of X-Wing is the simplicity of the rules - we quickly found the game rhythm, and started trying to outsmart each other.

Lea (Rebel) got the first opportunity for shooting, but the TIE again and again proved too nimble.

In the end, it got personal, and this head-on confront..ation resulted in the Headhunter being blown to stardust. Tomorrow, we shall probably have a game with more durable fighters, and perhaps a few upgrades.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Dark Ages: Fourth Point of Warriors Ready for Painting

Yesterday, I got the next eight warriors glued on corks (plus a couple more), so they are now fully prepped for the pain(t) station. At the forefront, the last couple of minis to complete the third point of warriors are waiting for the last licks of paint - I hope to resume painting tomorrow.

Dark Ages: Armoured Vikings

I painted nada today - wife and kids are re-decorating the kids' rooms, and it is stressing me out a bit.

Instead, I finished assembling this group (yes, I opted to make eight right away, after all). They will start out as two points of Hearthguard for SAGA, then be expanded to a ten-man unit for God of Battles, and, finally, when I find time to paint some actual hirdmen for Sigurdr, be used as one point of Warriors, while some of the recently painted Warriors will be transferred to an Anglo-Danish warband (in SAGA terms, that is).

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Dark Ages: Line-Up with the Two New Command Models

The compulsory line-up of my progress so far - this will be the last I do in my photo set-up, as it is getting increasingly harder and more fiddly to get them all in the shot, so from now on the line-ups will be done on the dining table.