Tuesday, 22 May 2018

SS&SS: More Rebasing WIP

I have made a bit of progress on Argesïl's and Finghal's new bases; I also filled the holes in the washers after taking this photo, so I should be able to finish putting filler on tomorrow.

I look forward to field them with their updated look, and especially to have a shield glued to Finghal that stays in place during the game!

Paleo Diet - Rounding Up the Prey

As mentioned, I am going to play some Paleo Diet as soon as I have enough painted animals to hunt, so I have been digging out  some of the wildlife I have amassed over the years (and making sure to find some of the African animals, as I am going to use some Zulus as hunters for a start).

I painted this ostrich from HLBSC (now North Star) some time ago for a Painting Club at the LAF, and I have another couple of those big birds form the same set ready for paint, so I should start on those as soon as I get Lea's SS&SS party finished.

From the same company came the baboon family, and they will be the next animals painted. When they are done, I should have enough for a first game, so I can focus on getting some jungle terrain done (I have loads of plastic palm trees and aquarium plants, so I shall not have to purchase anything to get stuck in).

This bear is from an old blister with a Wood Elf Beastmaster, and the collar/torque is really making it look too domesticated, but I shall probably use it, anyway, at a later point, when I get some proper cavemen painted.

The second bear is from the long OOB MEGA Miniatures of Johnny Lauck, and much more fitting for a wild beast.

Both bears are going to get new bases, I think - I have just ordered some thin greyboard 25mm x 50mm pill shaped bases from Sarissa Precision to place on top of two 25mm washers for mounting cavalry and the likes, and the first bear might fit on one of those, while the second one can probably use a single 30mm or 35mm washer.

Lastly, for now, I have two crocodiles - I think they can make hunting along rivers or in swamps a tad more interesting, and predators should always be part of the conditions to be faced by primitive tribes trying to carve out a place in an unforgiving environment.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Victrix Order

I just took advantage of the May2018 Free Worldwide Postage offer from Victrix Ltd.

The Greeks are for my Broken Legions/OGAM/A Fantastic SAGA project, and the French are for some nappies skirmish (Song of Drums and Shakos/Chosen Men/Sharp Practice).

SS&SS: Rebasing Finghal and Argesïl

I decided to get the two remaining members of my SS&SS party rebased all at once - and give Finghal his new shield. I have to prime the shield before attaching it, so It has not been glued in place, yet.

I expect to get a game in with Lea somewhen during the next week (the 'stand-in' party is almost done, then I just have to stat it up), provided it is not too hot to sit inside (Ulolkish and I were lucky that Saturday was somewhat cooler than we are used to at the moment).

We shall, of course, play the 'Through the Badlands' scenario to get her used to the mechanics without having to take high risks, then we shall see if she likes the game or not.

Early Summer in Denmark

We visited my wife's mother in Sverdrup yesterday, and I had the opportunity to pick some tools of her late husband's, and, among other things, I was lucky to be able to bring home an electric chainsaw, very useful for a job I had to do in the garden today.

I had to cut down a large rose bush, which had toppled over across the driveway to the back yard when we had some high winds this spring - and the chainsaw was a welcome help in this!

I still need to trim it a bit with branch cutter, but the job is well done
I used the offcuts to cast a Wall of Brambles, and I expect the Mana drawn form our more than 4000 sq.m. garden to be sufficient upkeep.

Later today, I cleared the north and east edge of the veggie garden and rolled out some weed control fabric.

It has proven too difficult to keep all kinds of weeds (especially goutweed and grass) from spreading into the garden, so I have decided to border it with this fabric on three sides (we already covered the ground under the blueberry bushes last year).

Lea procured the stones for keeping the weed control fabric in place - luckily we have a lot of stones on the slope behind the buildings.

I am planning to tidy up the outdoor fireplace behind the house this week, as the summer seems to have arrived for good, and it is time to get the Oseberg pan working again.

I also have to remove some of the stuff in the actual fireplace, as it will be hazardous to set fire to that pile of crap. Some of it can be added to the barrier I am building among the trees in the back yard, to prevent dog walkers and playing kids straying onto the lawn.

The picture taken out there today better shows the blue Me-nots than the one I took a week ago or so. I shall be very careful, not to mow the area before they have shed their seeds, as I want them to thrive and multiply, and spread even more.

SS&SS: Orcs and Slippery Stones Co-op, Part 2

Both parties kept pushing forward, although Argesïl did not seem able to move away from the entry edge (he was hampered a bit by the leg wound from the Bear Trap, but there seemed more to it than that). Rhagador managed to skid and fall in the smelly black blood of a Goblin - luckily after killing all opponents in that fight.

Finghal's shield kept falling off, and as I planned to give him another, I did not want to glue it.

The power surging Mana Flux ended, much to the vexation of the two Wizards.

Soon after, the magic energies waned further, causing the Spellslingers much trouble, while Argesïl spent time playing with the Goblin corpses, and the rest of the heroes continued their killing spree.

Finghal finally was living up to his 'Fighter' status, dispatching Goblins and Orcs alike as they approached him, and even Argesïl went on the offensive to try clearing the hinterland of foes.

On the right, especially Kentosh and Duregar mowed their way through the goblinoid hordes, and the hunters now controlled about half the area.

The magical energies continued to diminish, and spellcasting now was a rather dubious affair. To make matters worse, it also started to rain, which made Ulitari's archery difficult.

Fortunately, the martial prowess of the two parties' muscles was sufficient to keep the enemy numbers in check.

It stopped raining, and the Mana once more started to rise, but Saimon never the less ran out of magical energy, and his party gathered around him to make sure he did not fall prey to a Goblin  ambush.

Rhagador and Finghal cracked some Goblin skulls, while Shaggram ran to the aid of Argesïl, who was assailed by Goblins.

It has been a long, sunny day with lots of work in the garden, so I shall pause the AAR now, and continue it tomorrow.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Paleo Diet - Recommended!

I purchased Paleo Diet - Eat or be Eaten from Ganesha Games yesterday (while waiting for Ulolkish to arrive), and I have now finished reading it through.

It is a game of pre-historic hunting - a genre I have always liked when playing it at conventions.

Like SS&SS it is well suited for solo play, and I expect many hours of fun with it.

Mechanics are also similar to SS&SS, using d6 instead of d20, and Reaction Tables instead of Event Cards (like TUSK, if that game is familiar to you), giving greater variety in the way, different types of prey react to the hunters, which is a good thing in my book.

I have to paint some animals to hunt, but I can use my painted Zulus as hunters (until I get some Cavemen - and probably also the Simians from Lucid Eye).

Although I have not yet played the game, I recommend any fans of pre-historic mayhem to get Paleo Diet, if for no other reason that:

Half of all author royalties generated from sales of these rules will be donated to the UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency who protect and assist individuals and families displaced by war and persecution.