Wednesday, 7 December 2022

Christmas Wars: Copplestone Snow Goon #2 - and Another Deco Tree

I managed to finish the second Copplestone Snow Goon today, and also got the base on another cheap decoration tree done.

Shortly from now, this angry fella' will be joining his brother in the display on the sideboard.

I hope to finish the third and last of the Copplestone Snowmen tomorrow, but I also have to get winter tires for the Land Speeder and pick up Lea (and Anna) from Grammar School and drop her off at Lidl in Ringe for her after-school job there (she works seven hours a week on avarage), so I do not know if I shall be able to get enough painting time in.

Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Christmas Wars: The Snow Goon Incursion of '22

 Clearly a violation of the Santa Clause, stating that no evil spirits can enter the Mortal Realms between Samhain and Epiphany, this situation may call for the activation of N's Sleeper Helpers. Miss Puddingsixpence seems about to invoke the Spirit of Christmas Present to summon some reinforcements - but will they arrive in time, and will they be enough to stem the tides of Darkness, or will Christmas be jeopardized ...?

Christmas Wars: Copplestone Snow Goon #1

As promised, I am painting winter/x-massy stuff to go on display on the sideboard with our  small 'light houses'.

I have never painted snowmen before, so I am learning on the go, and the next ones will be painted with slightly different palettes and techniques - I even may go back and change this pain(t)job.

I should be able to snap some pics of the updated display a little later today, unless we are not binging Cloak & Dagger when Anna and Marianne returns from Faaborg Church where Anna is participating in the Faaborg-Midtfyn Music School Christmas Concert (she has taken up playing the Clarsach this autumn). Sadly Lea and I could not attend, as Lea was at a crochet class in Ringe, and I had to stay home to tend to the Molly and Bella (and walk Molly).

In addition, there's only room for two persons in the car when the Clarsach gets transported. I shall have to settle for her practice sessions until next time.

For now, here is the first Deranged Mutant Killer Snow Goon from other angles:

Monday, 5 December 2022

2018-07-14, Vacation 2018 - Day 5, Part 1: Over the Hills and O'er the Main ...

 ... but not through Portugal and Spain.

From Brügge we took the coastal road until after Dunkerque (I had hoped that there would be some signs pointing to the beaches from where the BEF was evacuated, but, nope ...).

Lots of photos taken by Anna (I think) from the backseat.

We passed the Nieuwpoort Monument.

About this time, we encountered a series of roadside signs that made me deviate from Gurli's (our Garmin) plotted route. More about that in the next Vacation 2018 post.