Monday, 24 October 2016

Blood Eagle for Horisont VIII: The Dwarven Relief Force

I have plans for bringing a Blood Eagle table for Horisont VIII, November 18-20, and as I cannot manage to paint both another full warband AND some civilians in a bit less than a month, I have dug up some second-hand painted Dwarves to press into service as a relief force for a Rohan village besieged by Uruk-Hai and Dunlendings (Vikings).

I may have to touch-up some chips and slap some matt varnish on here and there, but the task ahead is mainly re-basing onto washers.

And, yes, these four are all it takes to field 200 points...

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Harry Potter Festival 2016: The Hogwarts Express

Odense Central Library each year organizes a Harry Potter Festival in the weekend of week 42 (Autumn School Break week here in Denmark).

This year I managed to get hold of 2 tickets for the Hogwarts Express (vintage train from Odense Railway Museum) trip, which marks the beginning of the festival on Thursday evening, and is one of the most popular events.

I took a bunch of photos from Byens Bro (the City Bridge) which traverses the railroad station area and tracks, and I apologize in advance for the many almost identical pics.

The pupils start entering the train.

The Express has taken off.

The following photos are from when the train returned to Odense.

The kids retrieved by my Wife - and Lea has spotted me! A certain professor is supervising the disembarkation.

The mandatory photo in front of the engine:

2016-10-23 God of Battles: Lords of Undeath vs Orcs - Part 2

My army was now well and effectively spread over most of my half of the battlefield, and it looked like I would soon be heavily overwhelmed in the centre. The lack of fast, hard-hitting units in this list began to show (my fastest unit was the Ghouls, who could not be trusted to deliver an effective blow against anything but the flank/rear of a formed unit, and thus lacked viable targets).

When I started remembering the Fighty ability, my newly raised (painted) Skeleton Warriors dispatched the War Orcs they were fighting. This was a big event for me, as that is the first time some of my Undead infantry have actually defeated an almost equally strong unit.

My Skeleton Horde charged the other War Orcs unit.

The Goblin Pests kept pouring arrows into the warriors, who subsequently turned to face them, all the while the Necromancer spurred his unit on to rejoin the rest of the  army.

One of the Goblin units on my far right squashed the Ghouls and the other unit traversed the forested hill to threaten  my Horde.

The Horde failed to defeat the War Orcs, and could only stand and be butchered.

The Goblin Pests were charged, and should have routed, as they were reduced to 4 models, but I was convinced they had to be less than 4 models for that to happen, so...

The Horde was annihilated, and we were now both quite near to our Break Point.

The remaining War Orcs charged my decimated Warrior unit in the flank, but failed to destroy it.

The Warriors turned to face the Orcs and fight on.

The Necromancer went for the Goblins.

The Goblins ran to the left - which was a mistake, as they should only have been able to leave the Threat Area of the Necromancer's unit directly away from it.

As it were, they were now able to subsequently charge the other Warrior unit in the flank, which quickly led to it being destroyed, and my army breaking.


Although the AAR above does not clearly show it, the Necromancer makes a huge difference for the Undeads, and I shall never again play an Undead list without a Necromancer.

I need to play more often, to have all the rules in mind when playing - only then shall I be able to fully assess the strength of a given list.

I find it a bit annoying that the game becomes extremely static when units that do not Recoil from melee get stuck in. I would like to try a House Rule under which the winner of a fight is always calculated, and the winner forces back the loser half a recoil move (and follows it, staying in contact). This would enable the possibility of using objectives to be taken and held in order to reduce the opponent's Break Point (or be subtracted from the opponent's remaining points on the table).

Apart from the above, this was a hugely enjoyable game - one of my best gaming experiences this year. I finally felt that my army was not hugely 'outgunned' by the opponent, and that I could actually have carried the day (I might have, had I remembered the Fighty ability from the start - I fought several fights with 3 dice less than I was entitled to).

Great game, am looking forward to the next!

2016-10-23 God of Battles: Lords of Undeath vs Orcs - Part 1

So, I finally got another game of God of Battles under the hub.

I had an appointment with Kevin at 8.00 p.m., and much to my pleasant surprise, he showed up an hour early.

As expected, the Orcs won the Aggression Roll, and I had to deploy at least half of my force (including my Camp and Baggage), before the greenskins poured onto the battlefield.

Opening moves, as always, in good order. The ghostly body of combatants near the far corner is a group of unpainted Spider Riders, using the profile of Raptor Riders.

Then the Bolt Thrower started making a nuisance of itself, and - probably stupid of me - I reacted by drawing my two centre units away from its fire.

The Spider Riders hastily outflanked my army - not that it was very hard to do with my battleline counting only four units. My Ghouls were skulking behind the forested hill, as I really did not know what to do with them - not enough space for them to get through the enemy lines and threaten Camp or Baggage,

Some Goblin Pests gave my Skeleton Horde a hard time.

My Necromancer fired Curses all over the battlefield - most of them were countered, but here and there one took effect.

In case you wonder, Kevin used the purple dice to mark activated units.

As I expected, the Spider Riders scuttld for my Baggage Train, and my Necromancer led a forced march against them to minimize damage. I forgot to remove the star - we use it to show who starts the turn with initiative.

Skeleton Warriors in a tight spot. You get an awful lot of Gobbos within 24 points!

My Necromancer's Skeleton Warrior unit failed to reach the Spider Riders. We forgot the half move recoil rule throughout the game. I need to play more often!

Much stomping and shouting by the War Orcs. My Skeleton Warriors watched in silence.

As mentioned, Argonr led his unit in a forced march for the Baggage Train, and using my Stratagem, I removed the 'Activated' token, an charged the Spider Riders, whom were immediately routed. I then drew a '2' on my Necromancer check to Raise Undead.

The Orcs finally got stuck in, while the Goblin Pests threatened the back of my forward position.

This concludes Part 1 of this AAR, as it it getting very late, and I need to get some sleep before getting up and making pancakes for breakfast.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Skeleton Warriors - Set For Battle!

This is how far I am going to take this unit before the game tomorrow evening. Highlighting the shields will have to wait, as I still need to get my Necromancer painted (it is based and basecoated), and I do not have the energy to do that tonight (we just an hour ago returned from the Harry Potter Festival in Odense where Anna and Lea went on the Zoomagical Boat Trip in the Dark on Odense Å).

I have to get up early tomorrow to get some paint on the Necromancer, as the girls and I are going to visit the festival during the day this time, to actually see/try some of the other activities, and I shall not have a lot of time on my hands for painting.

Shady Skellies

The Skeleton Warrior unit is almost done, now. I just need to drybrush and flock the bases, and highlight the shield edges with a light drybrush of dark blue-grey, then they can answer the roll-call on Saturday.

I still need to finish the movement trays, but I am fairly optimistic about getting everything ready for my gaming appointment.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Undead Leaders

I seem to be a bit short in the rank department, and until I find/buy or build an appropriate leader model for my almost finished Skeleton Warrior unit, I am going to use this old Wight.

I just removed it from the slotta-base today, sawed the tap down, and glued the model to the washer. Tonight, before going to bed, I shall put some filler on the base for it to dry over night, so I can finish building it up first thing tomorrow, as I then can glue sand to it tomorrow evening, and paint it Friday. Sounds like a well-laid plan, right...?

I have another very old model already primed for painting it up to use as the leader of one of my Skeleton Hordes (the one armed with scythes, of course).

I planned using it a long time ago, but as often is the case, other stuff came in the way...

If the battle goes reasonably well on Saturday, I may get the model painted in between painting Dark Ages models for a Blood Eagle multi-player scenario for Horisont VIII, happening November 18th to 20th (and on one of my weekends off!).