Monday, 16 January 2017

GoB: Magnetizing the Movement Trays

As mentioned back in October, I set about making some movement trays for use with Formed Units in God of Battles. In the meantime, I have made a small selection out of thick cardboard, and today I set about getting some of them magnetized.

With the Tomb Kings job lot I purchased late summer, I got some resin movement trays with self-adhesive magnetic sheets, and some extra sheets, and from the magnetic sheets I use in my figure storage boxes, I had some strips that I have to cut away for the sheets to fit.

As you can see, I just mix and match the pieces I have, to fill as many of the trays as possible with magnetic sheeting - and as the magnets are going to be mostly covered by figure bases when in use, the rag-tag appearance does not really matter.

Some of the extra sheets are of the same thickness as the cardboard I use for the trays, so I shall have to put another layer of rim on the ones I used those for.

Future builds will consist of the full bottom of the bases covered in magnetic sheeting, and the rims glued on top of that, but the existing trays are all going to have the inside of the rims covered like this. I shall have to build a couple more of the 9x9cm trays, as I like to have some of those for 12-man units that have a Character and/or Unit Enhancements attached (otherwise one or more of the figures will have to be placed outside the tray), and it is also nice to be able to place Activation Tokens and/or Miracle Effect Tokens on the bases of the units they affect.

2017-01-16: Tally

Painted: 13, Just Re-based: 0, Repaired: 0, Purchased: 0
Pieces Painted: 0, Pieces Built: 0, Pieces Purchased: 0, Materials Purchased: 2
Games Played: 0, Victories: 0, Ties: 0, Defeats: 0, Rules Purchased: 0

GoB: Skeleton Infantry So Far

I have finished the 13 rank-and-file models for my third Skeleton Horde, and I can no longer fit my skeleton army in only one of my storage boxes. Thus, I have prepared a second one, and placed all my infantry (and characters) in it, leaving the old box for cavalry and chariots for now.

When moving my two old Skeleton Hordes, I noticed that one of them lacks a standard bearer, so I think I shall have to build at least one tomorrow, and get some paint on as soon as possible.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

GoB: Third Skeleton Horde Nearing Completion

Bases painted and drybrushed, flock glued on - waiting for the glue to settle/dry.

I am home alone with the kids - the wife is in Sønderjylland to visit and help her mother - so I think the rest of this fine sunny Sunday will be spent with good old-fashioned Danish hygge, starting with lunch as soon as Lea has finished the last bit of her homework, followed by a walk through the white-powdered town to the local supermarket to get some eggs for making pancake batter - and then some animated films I have recorded lately!

Quality time with the kids - highly recommended!

Saturday, 14 January 2017

GoB: Fourth Skeleton Horde in Progress

Got these primed this morning.

I do not know if I am going to have more hobby time, today, as we are going to the recycling plant with a trailer load of various waste. I shall try to find time to make progress on the bases of the other Skeleton Horde, but real life may think otherwise...

Friday, 13 January 2017

2017-01-13: Tally

Just so I do not forget:

Painted: 0, Just Re-based: 0, Repaired: 1, Purchased: 0
Pieces Painted: 0, Pieces Built: 0, Pieces Purchased: 0, Materials Purchased: 2
Games Played: 0, Victories: 0, Ties: 0, Defeats: 0, Rules Purchased: 0

GoB: Old Dead Lead

Went through another old pile of the job lot I bought about 20 years ago (and of which I have built most of my God of Battles Lords of Undeath army), and found this alternative standard bearer.

I think I am going to paint him full monty, as, although the sculpt is a bit static, I really like the 'Dragon Order'-style armour, and I already have a pretty clear idea about how to paint it.

I don't know if he is going to end up as the standard bearer of a Skeleton Warriors unit or my first Guardians of Midnight unit (which will consist of very old Citadel Wights/Wraiths with a very simple, almost monochrome paintjob), but as I am probably going to keep piling Undead Chariots on my Command and Support section, until I have 60 points, and only then consider using the Guardians as a regular feature (their cost, 14 points, is a bit unwieldy, just like the cost of the Necromancer).