Monday, 16 April 2018

Sellswords and Spellslingers: First Solo Game, Turn 6

Shaggram the Terrible negated the '3' with the '20', and opened up with yet another Fireball, aimed between the two Brutes closing in from West.He succeeded in casting the spell (12), and then rolled against the Brutes' Vulnerable DL7 with the usual +4 to hit.

On '19' and '11', both Orcs sustained 2 DMG, and were now considerably softened up for a potential melee.


An overview of the lay of the lands...

 Rhagador triggered two Events (the dice did NOT particularly favour the adventurers' Activation Rolls during this phase of the game).

The first heralded a shift in the magical energies, but a '4' meant nothing happened.

The other Event Card activated the Monster closest to Rhagador - on of the Orc Brutes just scorched by Shaggram.

Rhagador used his only Action to move in th eopposite direction of the Orcs.

Finghal wanted to hurry, but again stumbled, and triggered two Events.

The first made the oblivious Troll frolic a bit more around, it seemingly had caught a scent this time, though..?

Then another Orc Horde arrived from the East(!)

Seeing them, Finghal used his only Action to move closer to the safeness of the board edge.

Only a single Action's worth of movement away from the promised Land of Peace and Quiet, Finghal started looking for Argesïl's footprints, hoping to catch up with him soon.

Turn 6 had now passed, without any harm coming to our heroes, but the newly arrived Orcs posed a potential threat to both the Cleric and the Wizard, if they wanted to make their escape along the East edge of the table...


  1. Great set of writeups! I am glad for the details. I've played this very scenario twice now without much success. You have proven that keeping your eye on the objective, this scenario can be won by even the most inexperienced characters.

    1. Thanks!
      Yes, I think it is very easy to forget the objective, and go completely into 'hack'n'slash mode', which will, eventually, mean that at least some of the characters are worn down.
      I think I was maybe a bit too cautious, as butchering and plundering monsters is the only way to accumulate silver for purchasing weapons, equipment, scrolls, and potions.

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