Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Springtime in the Backyard

Earlier today, after I finished digging the veggie garden, I took the camera for a stroll in the backyard, and I was greeted with a meeow from a tall elderbush.

Our eldest cat, Kitte, is always happy with company outside.

The birches along the creek still have no leaves, but I am certain, they will be all green in a few days time, as we have over 20 degrees C, now.

I have found the charger for the lawnmower battery, and I expect to try starting the mower up tomorrow afternoon, after letting the battery charge for six-seven hours.

The lawn in the frontyard needs mowing soon, so if the mower needs service, it is about time I find out about it.

Last year, a clamour of rooks started nesting in some of our tall trees in the backyard. I got a permit to have a licensed hunter regulate them by shooting the offspring, but the spring was so cold that they hatched after the foliage popped out, and the hunter was not able to see the damn birds.

I am about to get a permit this year, too (and next year I shall apply for a permit to shoot the adults before they start breeding - I know some others in town got that this year).

Well, hopefully we can keep the numbers down, because even with only 10 nests, they make so much noise that it is a real nuisance, and they shit all over the place (not to mention they plunder the nests of smaller birds, severely reducing the number of those in the vicinity).

A real pest, no matter what bird-lovers may think of it!

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