Tuesday, 24 April 2018

LotR: The SAGA Continues

I was doing a major sorting of my boxes with LotR stuff earlier today, as I needed to locate some Rohan archers for my 'Anglo-Saxon' SAGA warband.

I came across these guys I got second-hand quite a while ago:

I am going to rebase them (and, of course, remove stray flock and dustballs), give them a dark shading wash, and then probably some matt varnish (if the wash does not remove the sheen, and that will be it, for now. They should blend in reasonably well after that treatment, and I really need the warband to be ready for squaring off against my Vikings. I can always paint some more to replace them, as I have droves of Rohan plastic.

With those done, next month is time to get som 1mm 25mm x 50mm pill shaped bases from Sarissa Precicion, I think, and start getting some horsemen based and painted for a proxy Norman warband.

Of course, both infantry and cavalry will also see service in God of Battles, and other systems that I should fancy playing.

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