Friday, 27 April 2018

Katarin Weisz von Schnee WIP

The eldest daughter of Graf Weisz von Schnee, Katarin, who has got an unhealthy obsession with Dwarves and apples (please don't ask!), is also one of the minis that has been sitting on my prepping station for quite a while.

With my current determination to clear some workspace on the prepping station, it was only natural that I got her cleaned up and started basing her.

She is currently standing on a 15mm washer, and I think I shall perhaps glue it on top of a 20mm one to give her the same basing height as my other minis (but I am not quite sure if I shall just leave it as is...)

I looks as I have misses a moldline on the front of the skirt; I shall have to take a look at it tomorrow.

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