Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Sellswords and Spellslingers: First Solo Game, Turn 9

Rhagador rolled, and I seem to have gone number-blind, because I once more took a '9' for a '6'.

The first Event activated the Horde he was fighting, and with '18' he swiftly mauled an Orc into the ground.

The other Event was a Trap!, but as Rhagador was still on the safe half of the table, the card was ignored and reshuffled into the Event Deck

The Cleric then used his Action to fight the remaining Orc, but was bested - luckily his Shield deflected the blow!

Shaggram got three Actions, and decided to try withering down the Troll still meandering about in his path.

The Spell succeeded, but was not able to harm the Monster. Was Shaggram running out of luck?

He tried again, this time with full effect!

The Troll took DMG 2, and the Wizard used his remaining Action to move in a north-eastern direction.

Our heroes are still standing. Can it continue? We shall see in Turn 10!


  1. I'd say the heroes are doing all right. So far, at least...

    1. When playing the game, it felt more tense that it looks in retrospect, but I do think that all that separated this situation from a catastrophe was a few bad rolls.