Sunday, 22 April 2018

Progress in the Veggie Garden

This morning, Lea and I planted the 'late' Sava potatoes - and we removed the protective plastic from the Hamlet rows, as, hopefully, we shall not get any more frost, now.

The blueberry bushes seem to thrive right now - all ready to pop some leaves.

I am very satisfied with the weed cloth and layer of mulch we have applied around the bushes, and I think we may have to do the same with the North and East edges of the veggie garden, to prevent grass and goutweed/ground elder to spread into it.

As always when in the garden, Bella was keeping me company (and craving being petted).

It is a nice thing to have an animal so devoted to be around you - I can always count on her being around when I have work to do outside - especially in the backyard, under the big trees.

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