Tuesday 30 August 2016

One Down, About 25 More to Go...

The 'corner project' is finally finished on my behalf - now my wife has to plant whatever she wants, and keep the bed clean of weeds! Well, technically, I still have to add some high pH jointing sand, but that is a minor task in comparison with the workload I have endured here.

I have started the next subproject, namely the passageway from the terrace to the lawn.

I am going to do it in rows of six and five cobbles each, to have the rows offset by half, just like the lawn edge rows.

I got the top soil removed, put the tile sand in the ditch, and fetched a bunch of cobblestones, so I am all set for tomorrow (after doing this, I went inside, and continued my efforts to move the clutter from the living room dinner table to the newly erected prepping station in the study/office, so I did not make further progress in the garden today).

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