Friday, 26 August 2016

For the Alliance... or Something...

Recent purchase.

I want a unit of Fountain Guards for my God of Battles Mercenaries proxy Gondor army, and I came across these on a Buy-and-Sell Facebook page.

I included the the High Elves, just because (I have a ton of plastic Hight Elves with swords and bows, butI can always find a use for a few more metal ones with spear and shield - and the missing shields can be replaced using Instant Mold).

The Elves and the Guard with the spear/hand off are going straight into the Ultrasonic Cleaner, and I am going to have to dig through my RotK blisters to find the Fountain Court Guards I know I purchased back when they were released.

The rest of the Guards can be used as is, until I get the cleaned one and two of the NiB ones painted, then I can take one at a time out of service and get it stripped and painted, until I have one full unit nicely painted - and then it will be time to search for a few more for another unit!

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