Tuesday, 9 August 2016

2016-08-07 God of Battles 40 Points Half Game, Part 2

As promised, the rest of the AAR from Sunday's half-game.

The Dwarf Priest got to work.

One of my center units moved forward...

...was shot at, managed to roll 1 save (on 10 dice), lost 3 and recoiled. This was the point when I started to lose heart.

My right flank advanced.

Some of the Dwarves started to move around the ruined watchtower.

Although I had covered the most ground by now, my battle-line began to look a little jagged.

A  view from my far left flank.

Some Dwarves moved up to counter my flank attack...

...and my Skinks poured a volley of arrows into them, killing... one.

Ulrik then used his Stratagem to re-activate them, attacking the Saurus Warriors. As the reptiles had the Berserk Blessing, they got the chance to strike twice, before the melee ended. They killed a whuppin'... one(!) Dwarf.

The Dwarven archers then opened up on my Saurus Ravagers, inflicting 3 hits. My former experience with Defense rolls led me to use my Standard for an extra 2+ chance for a save, rolling 11 dice. I just barely managed to save the 3 hits on the normal Defense dice - and, of course, the Standard die rolled a 1, losing me the Standard Bearer never the less. Makes sense only if you are me..

The next Turn opened with nother fight on the extreme right, causing another whuppin' ONE Dwarf casualty. Yay! I think I even used my Stratagem to but I am not suer. I had used it before Ulrik used his, which proved fatal for one of my units.

I now did what would probably have proven a big mistake, should we have played the battle to the very end: I started abandoning my initial plan to surge forward and engage the enemy as soon as possible, and instead I drew units away from the centre and started 'tunnelling' them over the flanks to avoid the arrows from the centrally placed archer unit.

The reason for my decision was probably that I was a little shaken by my bad luck, and the bowfire causing casualties every time. Normally, I would have stuck to my plan and pushed on, but the bad dice-rolls made me lose confidence, and I wavered.

The Ravagers waded through the reeds and started moving towards the left flank.

Ulrik used his Stratagem to put an activation counter on the Saurus Warriors (Brutes) in front of his crack unit, then moved the unit up close to them. As I had used my Stratagem, I could not remove the Activation Counter, and as Ulrik had one unit less than me, he was certain to be able to charge with his hard-hitters next turn.

The battlefield at the conclusion of this turn.

Then came the charge, which cost me half the Saurus Warrior unit. This was the  point where I gave up. One too many bad rolls for one afternoon/evening. Besides that, I was getting tired, with a beginning headache, and I did not fell like gaming on.

Next time I play the Blood Gorged list, I shall stick to the plan of surging forward and get stuck in, maybe screen the main battle line with one or two expendable Skink/Youngling units to soak up incoming missile fire, and see if I can disrupt the enemy formation and get able to get a couple of units into the rear of it.

I guess, the Blood Gorged are much alike to a barbarian/celtic army, needing to get stuck in, and, hopefully, build up some impetus through their Blood Gorged rule (get a Trophy Token each time they inflict casualties in melee, Tokens can be exchanged for extra Attack Dice in subsequent fights).

Well, lesson learned, and hopefully I have used up my share of bad dice rolls for a while...

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