Thursday 18 August 2016

Attic Attack IV: Day 2, Blood Eagle

I started Saturday playing my second game of Blood Eagle. Ulrik had brought a homebrewed warband of Gondorians (and a single Dwarf), and they squared off against my Uruk-Hai in another game of Assassination.

I spent most of the game rolling 3s and 4s on the d10, which shows all too well in the pictures below tracking the progress of the game (when I remembered to use my camera).

The game was rather intese, but I was also very frustrated by my many low rolls. Never the less, I managed to dispatch about half the enemy company, before my Leader was downed, but even though I ganged up on the Dol Amroth knight a couple of times, I could not beat his armour.

High Armour values/good Fate should be limited to main characters, I think, and otherwise high Armour should only be used by characters with medium to low Fate, as a character with the first combo can be very hard to dispatch.

As can be seen elsewhere on this blog, I am preparing some members of the Fellowship to be painted for Blood Eagle, and I expect to add Aragorn to my Rohan warband (followed by Legolas and Gimli), which should boost the points and fighting ability nicely.

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