Tuesday 16 August 2016

Blood Eagle: A Company of Heroes

My recent foray into Blood Eagle has left me with the desire to get the Fellowship up and running for the game.

I have had an extra set of the plastic Fellowship from the Moria boxed set sitting in a box for more than a year (was part of one of the big lots I purchased back then), and yesterday I pulled out 'The Three Hunters' (although in their Moria state), as I suspect they will be sufficient for a 200 points warband when I stat them up to cinematic proportions.

I opt to start with the plastic version of our heroes, instead of one of their many metal incarnations, as I can use them to practise on, and shall not have to re-paint them, even if I should not be satisfied by the result.

I managed to break the right-hand axe on Gimli in the process of cleaning him up, so I shall have to get some poly cement into that crack.

Watch this place for updates on the progress I shall make over the next days!

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