Sunday, 28 August 2016

Reconfiguring my Workspace

Lately, out living room dinner table has disappeared more and more under my hobby-clutter, and as my wife's temper has worsened accordingly, I considered it wise to do something about it.

My dedicated elevated table-top for tinkering with minis and models has been sitting idle on the central table in the study/office/hobby-room for more than a year, and I figured that I should make it accessible, so that I can both prep and paint in the same room.

While waiting for the girls to return from school, and the wife to return from work with the car, so that the girls and I could get on the road to Horsens, I sorted the contents of some boxes from under the table, got rid of some stuff that was not needed any more, and moved the elevated tabletop into the position shown below.

I can now just turn my bureau-chair to switch between the prepping station and the pain(t) station, and one of the lamps on the central table doubles a work lighting and photo lighting (you can see my photo set-up to the right).

And my usual painting set-up. I am going to put up some narrow shelves on the wall for storing some paints, and shall probably get some vertical storage racks from Burn In Designs, if I can figure out which type fit the most kinds of bottles/pots.

Well, I still have some work to do, before the dining table can be used for its mundane purposes, but at least there is light ahead.

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