Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Star Wars Armada: Escort (Homebrewn Scenario)

The light was playing tricks on my camera when taking these photos (I really need to take that Digital Photography class, and learn to use the manual settings for taking better pics), but you should be able to make out what this is about, anyway.

I only put some big ships on the table to show the size of the  game; the players are going to place their ships and squadrons themselves, after learning the conditions of the scenario.

The Rebels are trying to bring Leia Organa from Alderaan to the still functioning Galactic Senate; i.e. the Rebel Alliance player must exit Leia via the far board edge, guarded by the Imperial Star Destroyers (and a swarm of TIE-Fighters, led by Howl Runner). The Imperial player will not know which ship has Leia Organa aboard,
so will have to outguess the opponent, and stop the right vessel from passing.

If the ship with Leia Organa leaves the table via the Imperial table edge, the Rebel Alliance wins, no matter how battered their fleet is, If it is destroyed, the Empire carries the day, while Leia Organa makes her exit in an escape pod.

I am a bit exited to learn if the task is too easy for the Rebel Alliance, in which case I have to regulate the available ships and squadrons - but I have no time for a test run, so the first game has to show this.

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