Monday, 8 August 2016

2016-08-07 God of Battles 40 Points Half Game, Part 1

As it says in the header, we did not finish the game yesterday. I do not remember how many turns we played, but it will be revealed when I run out of pictures of the action.

My Blood Gorged Lizardmen rolled highest aggressionm so Ulrik had to deploy half of his force (including Camp and Baggage), first.

I then deployed my entire army, using the Temple Guards (Bodyguard), and the Slann Priest in his Chariot (palanquin) to guard my Camp on the extreme left. I know I cannot defend both camp and Baggage against the Dwarf Miners without dedication too big a portion of my army to rear guard duty, so the Baggage was to be left open for their attack.

A view from the left flank.

The rest of the Dwarves deployed

And a full view of the battlefield.

As the attacker, I opened the ball, moving my rightmost Saurus Warrior (Brutes) unit forward.

In my next activation, my Slann Mage Priest cast Burak's Rage (Berserk) on them.

The Dwarf Miners moved forward.

Both armies advanced steadily, some more steadily than others.

Ulrik used his Stratagem to re-activate the Miners.

And I did the same with my flankers.

The Dwarven right tried to keep up an acceptable pace.

I started to maneuver the chariot in response to the potential Miner threat.

I think that was about the end of Turn 1.

Turn 2 will be described in a later post - right now I have some rules to brush up on for the weekend!

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