Monday, 22 August 2016

Garden Project Continues

Returning home from night watch this morning, I went straight into the garden to continue the work I started earlier.

First, I removed almost all the grass and other weeds from the bushes clearing, so it is ready to be used as a storage place for more new soil, which I shall fetch from the recycling plant tomorrow.

The few areas I did not touch contain flower bulbs, which I prefer to let my wife remove herself, lest I damage too many of them.

I then altered the edge of the far right corner of the lawn (it is actually a nice circle curve, but the lawn is a bit uneven). Remember, that when I lay down the cobbles (which I ordered last night and expect to receive one of the next days, along with some sand for embedding them), I am going to remove turf equal to the width of two rows of cobbles.

Finally, a view of the newly cleared bed, bushes moved, and some me-nots and small pansies I saved from the bushes clearing area.

Unfortunately, at about 9:45 a.m. rain started pouring down, so I went inside, started watching 'The Last Kingdom', and fell asleep, so I do not know, whether I could have gotten more work done (the garden looked very wet when I woke up, though, and it is raining again tonight, which leads me to believe that I have not wasted much time).

Tomorrow I shall drive my wife to work, bringing the trailer, buy a step ladder for outside use (6 steps), and fetch a load of soil. In the afternoon I then have to pick up my wife from work, and again I shall bring the trailer and get another load of soil before going to Odense. I may have to get even more soil, as our strawberry bed is also in dire needs of renewal, and I guess that the easiest way is to again dig away the top soil, fill up with new soil, and then plant the seedlings.

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