Sunday 28 August 2016

Horsens Medieval Festival 2016 - Friday Night

Like the two previous years, I took the girls and my tent to the large medieval festival at the old prison in Horsens.

I tried to capture some of the evening mood, but I still have not taken that digital photography evening class that I need to get the full potential out of my camera.

You can, however, make out the very limited use of electrical lighting (only a few tree canopies were illuminated upwards), and that most lighting was provided by torches and campfires.

To compensate for the lack of on-site photos, here is a picture of most of the stuff I bought for our medieval family inventory.

The drinking horn 'stands' are not really made from actual historical sources - but they are extremely practical when using drinking horns at the table. Because of the non-authenticity, they have been very hard to find in the re-enactment scene these later years, and I promtly seized the day and bought four when Lea spotted them in a stall.

The bodkin arrowhead was a free sample from the blacksmith, who also made the 'belthook' next to the 'scrounging-horn'. The belthook, came to be as I wanted to buy some s-hooks for carrying around the earthenware mugs we pay a DKK 30 deposit for, used by all the beverage sellers at the festival. The blacksmith had only one s-hook, and as he would have to make some anyway, we agreed that he should make some fitting on a belt more easily, and thus a new commodity was born. I met the blacksmith later, and he had been busy making more belt-hooks on demand ;D

The two 'badges' are bronze with inlaid enamel, and I intend to use them as turn/initiative markers for medieval wargames.

The leather water/wine/mead flask was a real bargain, compared to what I paid for the girls' 'canteens' a couple of years ago. It is rather large, and although I have not measured its volume, yet, I expect it to hold a full 75 cl. I shall have to rinse it thoroughly, and then I think I shall use it for mead when I go to Viking and Medieval events!

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