Sunday, 14 August 2016

Attic Attack IV: Day 1, Star Wars Armada

This year's Attic Attack has come and passed, and it is time to tell tall tales of heroic deeds and dastardly villainy!

First, I played the planned Star Wars Armada scenario with Kevin, a long time acquaintance from Svendborg who was finally able to take some time off family and house to visit the Attic.

I took on the mantle as the Imperial Commander, letting Kevin perform the blockade run.


Opening Moves

Learning to use the Ship Maneuver Ruler/Tool

TIEs swarm ahead!

"Where did they come from?"

Battle is joined, and the Victory-Class Destroyers close in

Chaos ensues!

The Star Destroyers try to come about, but they move too slowly.

A collision occurs, as the captain of a Corvette misjudges the speed of a Star Destroyer.
As the Rebel fighters finish off the last TIEs and begin attacking the Star Destroyers,
 the last Corvette breaks through,
and ensures victory  for the Rebel Alliance

Things came about as I had foreseen, and the scenario was too easy for the Rebels. The Star Destroyers are too cumbersome to turn quickly, and I think that the Empire needs some smaller ships to engage and pursue the Rebel ships early on, while perhaps one or two Destroyers act as backstops.

Also, the Rebels had too many fighters, and I shall try running the scenario with only the X-Wings and two Corvettes, and we shall see if the TIE-Fighters can then soften up the opposition sufficiently for the Star Destroyers to finish up at least one of the Corvettes...

I do, however, think that the Empire needs space superiority (in terms of fighters). plus some smaller ships, to have a chance, but only actual play-testing will show!

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