Thursday, 25 August 2016

Do Not Call me Ishmael...

...and you cannot call me Al. Call me Khufu instead.

I got the first load of cobblestones (and sand) delivered yesterday, and, unfortunately, I was away fetching more soil from the recycling plant in Ringe as it arrived, and the driver unloaded the maxi-bag just in front of the garden gate, so I had to move the entire load (by hand and wheel-barrow), to be able to pass with the soil.

The other maxi-bag, containing 1.5 ton sand
for embedding the cobbles.
I managed to get the stoens moved, the soil unloaded, and get the trailer filled again on the way to Odense, as I had to pick up my wife from work.

All in all, I have now secured 3 loads (of approximately 1 cubic meter each) of soil, and I had to store it in different places around (and on) the front lawn, but I hope we have now enough for the beds that need renewal, AND the new ones that I am going to make (for some raspberries and an apple tree of the spartan kind).

Unfortunately, I fell sick last night, and I am not going to be able to do much work toda (and tomorrow - if my stomach allows it -  the girls and I are going to the International Medieval Festival in Horsens for the weekend, so there will be a lull in activities).

Well, at least I shall not have to wait for anything to arrive, before I can continue work next week...

The old sandpit, used by noone these days, was pressed into service for storing some soil.

I could not fit more soil here, as the edges contain some flower bulbs that my wife has to remove.

The corner bed, in all its newfound glory - with extra soil that has to be leveled.

And the left corner of the lawn - the only place I had to deposit some of the soil directly on top of grass.
At some point in the future, this corner will get the same treatment as the right one, so I am not too bothered about ruining the lawn.

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