Friday, 19 August 2016

Attic Attack IV: Day 2, Dragon Rampant

This is likely to be the last Dragon Rampant AAR from my hand you will ever see, but I shall return to that subject further down the page.

Ulrik and Tobias played a game with my two 35 points warbands (I wanted a slightly bigger game than the one at Åcon).

The Elves advanced rather timidly, while the reptiles hurried forward.

At this point, Prince Arodon began a long series of Wild Charges which lasted for the most of the reminder of the battle.

The Lizardmen struggled to get through a lot of rough terrain on their right flank.

The current state of affairs is not really reflecting the flow of the game.
At this point, Ulrik (Lizardmen) had missed his first activation roll 4 or 5 times, and the only reason why the Elves did not control more of the battlefield was the very cautios advance made by Tobias.

A lot of Wild Charging and fighting on the Elves' left flank.

The Swordmasters cut through, first the Temple Guards, then the Saurus warriors, leaving only a few weak units for the Lizardmen to retreat.

Ulrik had the same kind of bad experience with this his first game with the 'Rampant' rules as I had with Lion Rampant, failing a lot of Activation Rolls, and seeing his battered units just withering away without any chance of rallying, and I have decided that Lion Rampant is going on the 'tried and rejected' shelf for now. It had its chance, but failed.

We are going to revive SAGA, and try out A Fantastic SAGA (fan-made fantasy rules add-on), and the High Elves at least (but probably the Lizardmen as well, as I have droves of unused models) will be re-configured to fit that system (I may have to find a few more painted models, or, alternatively, paint up some myself *shudder*).

I may also make a Blood Eagle warband out of some of the models, to have more variety at my disposal.


  1. If you are so annoyed by activation going badly you could easily just give a free reroll to each player for each turn. It works well.

    Some people just move on to the next unit instead of letting play change to the other player.

    1. I know, but the game was never going to be my first choice, anyway - it somehow just never gave me the right gut-feeling, and if my regularly available gaming opponents don't want to play it, it has no future with me.