Saturday, 6 August 2016

Games in the Attic: Preparing a Jungle Table.

After almost three weeks of sun, water, and visiting sites of interest, touring Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands, I am now back in the attic and busily preparing for some test games before Attic Attack IV.

Today, I have set up a jungle-themed table for God of Battles, as I have prepared rosters for various configurations and points costs for my Lizardmen Blood Gorged proxies.

I have ordered some additional aquarium decorations which should arrive Thursday or Friday, leaving me time to adorn the table further for the weekend.

I am preparing a Dragon Rampant table for which I provide both warbands, and a small Blood Eagle table using my Rohan and Isengard warbands. I hope to be able to play both God of Battles and Blood Eagle tomorrow afternoon, as I have an appointment with Duregar/Ulolkish at 13:00.

Pictures and AARs from tomorrow's games to follow over the next few days!

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